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You will find on this page a sample of the media I have been involved in since beginning as a therapist. I hope you find some of this information engaging and supportive. For the most contemporary media on relationship and parenting please check out my Radio and Blog sections.

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Wonderful opportunity to talk about becoming a dad and parenting on Sunrise in 2009. I hope you enjoy…


Communication: Upskill Your Relationship Talks

Communication skill to improve your relationship connection

Christmas Time: Friend or Foe?

My 5 Top Tips for Making Friends with for a Post-COVID Christmas.

Spring Time Tidy-Up: You and Your Relationship

Essential tips designed for tidying up your relationships this spring!

Love and the Corona Virus: Tips For Your Relationship

4 Tips and Reminders for Your Relationship. Surviving and Thriving during the Corona Virus

Valentine’s Day: To Do or Not Do?

Things to love and hate about the 14th of February. A pros and cons list!

Relationship Refresh: Intentional Connecting

Tips and Ideas for intentional connection. A pathway to love and intimacy in the small moments of relating everyday

Conscious Self Care: A Pathway to Better Love

Prioritising and actioning conscious self-care in our lives and relationships

The Strength in Vulnerability: A Man’s Journey

Understanding the Key to Emotional Wellness and Stronger Connections for Men.

Q&A (My Child Magazine)

Fatherhood advice with Sean Tonnet

Fatherhood – Friend or Foe?

Sean talks about his own experience and active fathering

Q & A (My Child Magazine)

Sean talks about why fathers don’t feel the guilt mothers do when it comes to their baby

What About Us? (NR Family Magazine)

A couples guide to having a baby

Surviving The Festive Season (NR Family Magazine)

Sean talks about families, the festive season and how to cope

Motherhood, Working & Relationships (NR Family Magazine)

Modern life, Motherhood and working

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