“Now more than ever is a time for kindness and care.  I know that when we can depend on each other we are better off and through small everyday connections support the best conditions for health.”

Corona Virus Support

Hi Everyone,

It understandable that during the coronavirus epidemic some of you will be feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. In times of change and uncertainty this is normal. It’s one of the ways we make sense of our experience and enact decisions that help us and our families feel safe. Naturally, it can be particularly difficult if there are existing anxieties we are struggling with or relationship tensions in our lives. Sadly, there is evidence in an increase in relationship distress for some couples and families as a result of both the virus and imposed isolation.

Even though the events surrounding Coronavirus are changing daily, what’s important to know is that there is help and it’s easy to access. In my own practice I am able to support you and your families through:

  • Online platforms like Skype or Zoom.
  • Face to face sessions with me when there is low risk, and adherence to practice hygiene and social distancing guidelines.
  • Sliding fee scale to support those financially impacted by CoronaVirus

If you are experiencing some anxiety and stress there are some simple things you can straight away:

  1. Breath. Remembering to pause and take some good deep breaths is a powerful ally supporting calmness and rest
  2. There is a lot of mis-information out there and i encourage you to find a healthy balance in how, and where you access your news
  3. Change your perspective and see if there are any positive slants you can find about the experience in terms of new found time with family, simplifying lifestyles and a focus on health and well-being
  4. Remember that healthy activities, eating and sleep are stalwarts of wellness.
  5. Importantly, know that it can be easy to keep connected with friends, family and community through social media, telephone, online video and other platforms. Maybe you can start a neighbourhood online groups to keep in touch with those living around you?
  6. If you need too, look for resources that can help you and your family through different experiences surrounding the epidemic, for eg how to talk to your children about Coronavirus
  7. Check out my resources page to find services like Parenting Helpline, Lifeline or Beyond Blue if you need them

I invite you to connect and contact me I can be there for you in anyway.