“Supporting couples to focus on their strengths & fine-tune their emotional resources is premium for healthy relationships. These traits sustain couple in their connections and forge deeper intimacy”

Couples Coaching

  • Unique service supporting healthy couples to thrive
  • Utilising contemporary research and relationship evidence
  • Supports couples strengths and identifies areas for growth
  • Promotes conversations and deeper intimacy

Couples Coaching is a service for connected couples at any stage of their relationship, who are looking for an opportunity to understand, with more depth, their existing strengths and possible areas of growth. Utilising the latest in contemporary, evidence-based research, my Couples Coaching service is an essential ingredient for those looking to enrich their relationship well-being.

Couples Coaching includes a 3 Step plan as follows:

Step One – Initial consultation meeting: This is an opportunity to connect and share, discuss and explore, the foundations and resources of your relationship. The session will include information on the significance of collaborative couples on emotional wellness and couples cycles.

Step Two – Self Assessment: A reflection and assessment exercise includes completing an online Couples Checkup in your own time. Uniquely designed to meet your relationship stage and stimulate thoughts and attitudes about your relationship, you will complete this questionnaire individually. Results are broken down into relational categories, and forwarded to me for analysis.  This step activates dialogue, discovery and understanding of your relationship and provides a map for change.

Step Three – Further Consultation Meeting(s): After receiving your Couple Checkup report the third phase includes a second or subsequent meeting with me, where the opportunity to reflect on the results, celebrate the strengths and build more competency in growth areas is explored, discussed and refined.

Session Time Cost (per session) Attendance Booking
Step One: 1 to 1.5 hrs $180 Face to Face or Zoom Phone
Step Two: 2 hrs app. $70 (includes evaluation ) Online – at home N/A
Step Three: 2 hrs $220 Face to Face or Zoom Phone


Contact by phone or email is essential as Couples Coaching cannot be booked online.

What clients say

S.R. Testimonial

“Sean, I really can’t thank you enough for the space you hold for me. I feel safe, I feel vulnerable, I feel challenged, I feel hopeful and most of all, I feel ready. You are a very special human being and I’m grateful for being guided towards you”. S.R

M.S. Testimonial

“I can highly recommend Sean, from my very first session I have felt met, held and supported. Every step of the way Sean has been with me with his kind presence and warm contact. He has challenged me at the right times and his compassionate curiosity have guided me deeper into a profound understanding of myself. I’m always amazed at his ability to work at my pace and where I’m at and I always walk out of my sessions feeling empowered, with a greater sense of capacity to operate in the world. Many thanks Sean” M.S.

B.K. Testimonial

“Working with Sean has changed my life & my relationship. Sean is a highly skilled & intuitive therapist. His sensitivity creates a safe space, offering the opportunity for deep healing & transformation” B.K.

T.D. Testimonial

“I can’t recommend Sean enough, he’s compassionate & patient. If you’re committed to turning up & doing the work, then Sean’s your man” T.D.

KLD. Testimonial

“My sessions with Sean have offered me a sense of being deeply met in a safe environment. My capacity to experiment with new behaviours and choices has broadened, as has my ability to discover and action tools of support unique to me and my needs” KLD.

S.M 2 testimonial

“Sean is an exceptional supervisor and his generosity, experience and experiential approach has supported me greatly to complete my counselling training and step into becoming a beginner therapist. Feels like a couldn’t have done it without you – so grateful.” S.M

A.C. Testimonial

“After over 22years together, children and an affair, my partner and I had become disconnected from each other. Separation ensued and we began navigating the world apart. However, along the way, we both recognised that we were prepared to work hard to see if we could recover from the traumatic affair, evolve both individually and as a couple and, rediscover desire for each other. We were fortunate enough to be introduced to Sean and worked with him regularly for over a year. In the early days, we would see him fortnightly. There were some difficult conversations to be had. Raw and reflective. In these sessions, Sean ensured that each person was respected, and allowed the time and space to feel supported in what they had to say. Sean has an incredible capacity to observe body language, cues and conversation. When one person is speaking, his gentle manner assures the other partner that their thoughts will be heard and he balances the flow of the session equally. He has a great memory for returning to poignant points that could otherwise be lost. As time went on, we gained powerful knowledge about ourselves, our fears and insecurities, and our strengths and how we loved each other. Armed with this knowledge and tools to express ourselves, over time, we were able to manage conversations at home and moved to less frequent sessions. The use of practical tools in Sean’s work also provided a concrete base for which thoughts could be expressed. For me, this was far more effective in helping me to understand my thoughts than just trying to explain them. Sean’s nature, knowledge and faith guided us through an extremely difficult time in life. The cost, time away from work, tears and hard conversations were well worth it. A couple of years later, we have reunited. We’re stronger as individuals. We know how to support each other when we’re down or feeling lost. We’re brave to confront difficult conversations together. We’ve stopped making presumptions about what the other person thinks. We’ve found new ways to spend time together. The result .. our intimacy and desire for each other has returned, we’ve reconnected. Thank you Sean.”  A.C.

G.H Testimonial

“Outstanding. Sean’s training included excellent info and management of delivery.  The live demonstrations were a generous way of teaching and exemplifying skills and application of theory” G.H

T.W. Testimonial

“I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Sean Tonnet for the wonderful counselling he has given me over the past 2 years. I initially came to see Sean with my partner for couples counselling, then I returned to him when I was single for general life counselling, then I returned to him again when my mother passed away for grief counselling. In all these different contexts, Sean provided me with the most incredible support. His gentle presence, deep care, powerful empathy, grounded wisdom and practical strategies have helped me over and over again. I can’t recommend him highly enough as a counsellor! I feel lIke I could turn to him in any situation and I would get the exact support I need.”  T.W.