A Full Weekend Birthing Exploration

March 13th – March 14, 2021
Venue: Gondwana Sanctuary, Tyagarah


Across the threshold is a full weekend birth and parenting exploration course for pregnant women and their birth partners. With Aya Emery and guests Dr Oscar Serrallach, Sean Tonnet, Liat Lev and Leone Connable.

Many parents-to-be do not feel prepared for birth and the first few months of their baby’s life. Traditional antenatal classes focus on practical advice and information such as recognising the onset of labour, potential complications and skills such as bathing a baby. This course is an opportunity to delve into your own preconceptions and feelings about birth and parenting, explore concepts creatively, and connect with your baby and each other. You will also gain valuable insights from midwife and midwifery lecturer Aya and our wonderful and highly qualified guest facilitators to help you prepare for an empowered birth and postnatal time.

The first few months of a baby’s life are often overlooked by pregnant women as they are understandably focussing on the birth. However this time, often called the fourth trimester, is enormously important for the whole family. Not only is the baby learning everything for the first time, from how to feed and sleep to how to communicate their needs, but the new parents are learning how to be parents! Both mum and dad undergo huge changes, hormonally, emotionally and cognitively, and this time can be very overwhelming, especially when you throw in sleep deprivation. Relationships and mental health often suffer. During this course you will hear from Dr. Oscar Serrallach about postnatal brain changes and some ways to avoid postnatal depletion. You will also discuss maintaining a healthy postnatal relationship amid your own transition to parenthood with psychologists Sean Tonnet and Leone Connable.

Motherhood and fatherhood will be explored. Men in particular often feel unprepared for the enormous changes that accompany becoming a father, and there will be an opportunity for fathers-to-be to discuss their experiences of fatherhood and gain insights from psychologist and father Sean. Same gender couples and pregnant women attending with a different support person are of course very welcomed, and the discussion will evolve to suit the group.

There will be a delicious refreshments and lunch provided each day.   It is recommended to also attend traditional antenatal classes, especially if this is your first baby, as we will not be discussing most of the content covered in these classes. It is suggested to start the course by 30 weeks gestation to allow time to complete it before the birth.

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