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This 2 day informative, interactive and experiential workshop will offer therapists an understanding of working with couples from a Gestalt and Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT) perspective.

It will provide participants with knowledge on the emotionally focused and attachment oriented approaches of EFT weaved through the phenomenological, dialogic and relational aspects of Gestalt couples therapy.

Participants will be supported with practical and experiential exercises in developing their therapeutic practice. It will, furthermore, support participants in understanding how effective couples therapy can assimilate somatic, systemic and behavioural interventions in enriching a diverse approach to therapy and in working with complex couples issues.

To deepen and support learning, the workshop will include live demonstrations of couples therapy with a local couple by the facilitator!

This workshop will benefit you:

  • To feel more confident in handling couples therapy sessions and dealing with conflictual couples
  • To avoid the common traps that therapist fall into in couples therapy, supporting your clients to get the most out of their session
  • To build more success in your couples therapy

Workshop Outcomes will include:

  • Overview of contemporary therapeutic thinking around Infidelity
  • Understand key thematic considerations to support meaningful & effective intervention
  • Knowledge of staged intervention strategy to support recovery process
  • Skills to support couples to rebuild after infidelity
  • Opportunity to reflect on and avoid common traps in working with infidelity
  • Practical skills development for participants to utilise immediately in their practice
  • Experiential exercises throughout to assimilate learnings


  • Gain insight into the intersection of neurobiology, attachment theory and couples therapy
  • Recognise the differences and similarities of couples and individual therapy
  • Understanding on destructive couples cycles and how to support de-escalation and reconnection
  • To develop knowledge on EFT and Gestalt couples therapy through exploring couples cycles with a phenomenological awareness and emotional focus
  • Look at the use of experiential interventions within couples therapy
  • Demonstrated practice and supported application of learnt techniques and interventions
  • Assimilating the somatic, systemic and behavioural work of other therapies
  • Working with and supporting complex couples’ issues.


The workshop is suitable for therapists interested in Gestalt Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples, including:

Emerging Couple Therapists: If you are new to couples therapy, this training will provide tools and insight into a how to work with an emotional focus and attachment orientation. It will support you in understanding couple conflict cycles and give you the confidence to experience more from your couples therapy.

Experienced Couples Therapists: Experienced couple therapists will find the training solidifies their existing skills and adds new insights into their practice. The training will deepen the knowledge and experience you have, and fine-tune techniques and interventions in support of your clients.

Individual Therapists: Strengthening your understanding of couple cycles and couples therapy will support you, as an individual therapist, in working with presenting relationship issues. This increased awareness and in-depth perception will make you a more complete individual therapist.


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Full Fee: $420 


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