Experimentation – A Focus on Experiential Practice


“Across 17 years, my work, has been grounded in an experiential practice.  This has been one of the most sought after learnings by supervisees and students, knowing the benefit of an experiential practice and wanting to build more confidence in working with experiments.”

This workshop will deepen participants understanding of the principles of working experientially.  A focus will be on the use of imagery in working with metaphors, art, movement, mindfulness and symbols – amongst others.

A foundational structure within Gestalt theory and other experiential therapies, the therapeutic experiment facilitates a growthful, corrective emotional experience for the client (whether in individual, couples or group processes) and broadens the therapeutic capacity of the practitioner.

A co-created experiment between therapist and client is a cooperative dance that supports the client to access, evoke, and re-organise emotions, or discover something that had been hidden from their awareness. These experiences provide relief, and energise self support.  They underpin transformation and inform new behaviours.  Working with experiments will inevitably promote clients to experience themselves as fully as possible.  

To deepen and support learning, the workshop will include live demonstrations of therapy by the facilitator!

This workshop will include:

  • Understanding the purpose and importance of experiment in therapeutic practice 
  • An overview of common experiments and an exploration of the more daring
  • Consideration to experiential practices including art, metaphor, movement, and more
  • How to contract, gauge and assimilate an experiment appropriately
  • Expanding on techniques and interventions within the experiment 
  • Integrating the experiment into therapeutic process
  • How to support experiments that become stuck
  • The use of experiments with individuals, couples and groups 

Other Attendees Feedback:

“Sean’s depth of knowledge, authenticity, skill and energy left me feeling deeply inspired in my work with couples. An outstanding workshop”  – G.F.

“ Sean’s experience, passion and knowledge gave me many practical and useable tools to take away. I so appreciated his comfortable and authentic presence” – L.O.

“This workshop has given me many extra skills for my therapy work. Sean’s gentle and attuned facilitation was outstanding and i left very inspired ” – A.H.

“Sean is passionate, and has great depth of knowledge. This compilation of material is both inspiring and foundational ” – M.T.


The workshop is suitable for any therapists interested in developing their clinical expertise and working experientially with clients.  It will consider a Gestalt methodology to working with experiments.  The workshop will be of great support to experienced and beginning therapists alike, and includes reference and examples to individual, couples and group therapy.

Cost & Location

Full Fee: $700
GANZ Members: $490

Elie, Gestalt Centre Training Campus
27 Royal Parade, Parkville
Melbourne, Victoria


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