“Therapy has been a place for me to be met with deep care and comfort.  Its a sacred space where an emotional freedom can come from working though my old behaviours and patterns, profoundly impacting our relationship”

Individual Therapy

  • Safe, Nurturing and Transformative
  • Greater contentment, happiness and personal agency
  • Growthful, conscious and creative inner peace
  • Supporting connections in your most important relationships

People come for individual therapy with me to work through old, fixed emotional patterns that have hindered them over their lifetime and in their relationships.

Whether in an existing family relationship, new partnership, dealing with a workplace issue or after separation, individual therapy is an important tool of personal growth and often a significant experience for people to make long lasting life changes.

My individual therapy supports gaining a stronger awareness of your sense of self and how you respond emotionally, cognitively and behaviourally to your relationship with others and in your life generally.

In exploring these themes we are able to deepen a connection with life experiences and life scripts that are somehow unfinished, testing new feelings and behaviours and transforming unhealthy ones.

Generally, I recommend individuals to book weekly or fortnightly appointments.  The number of sessions needed can vary from case to case depending on circumstances.

Individuals whom are coupled or have an existing relationship they need support with may be encouraged to bring their partner or significant other as part of the therapy process.

Session Time Cost (per session) Attendance Booking
1 hour $165 Face to Face or Zoom Online or Phone


Sessions can be booked online or by contacting me via phone or email. Sessions are either Face to Face or via Zoom

Individual Therapy Clinical Information Sheet

What clients say

S.R. Testimonial

“Sean, I really can’t thank you enough for the space you hold for me. I feel safe, I feel vulnerable, I feel challenged, I feel hopeful and most of all, I feel ready. You are a very special human being and I’m grateful for being guided towards you”. S.R

M.S. Testimonial

“I can highly recommend Sean, from my very first session I have felt met, held and supported. Every step of the way Sean has been with me with his kind presence and warm contact. He has challenged me at the right times and his compassionate curiosity have guided me deeper into a profound understanding of myself.  Many thanks Sean” M.S.

B.K. Testimonial

“Working with Sean has changed my life & my relationship. Sean is a highly skilled & intuitive therapist. His sensitivity creates a safe space, offering the opportunity for deep healing & transformation” B.K.

T.D. Testimonial

“I can’t recommend Sean enough, he’s compassionate & patient. If you’re committed to turning up & doing the work, then Sean’s your man” T.D.

KLD. Testimonial

“My sessions with Sean have offered me a sense of being deeply met in a safe environment. My capacity to experiment with new behaviours and choices has broadened, as has my ability to discover and action tools of support unique to me and my needs” KLD.

L.E testimonial

“Sean is an exceptional supervisor and his generosity, experience and experiential approach has supported me greatly to complete my counselling training and step into becoming a beginner therapist. Feels like a couldn’t have done it without you – so grateful.” L.E.

G.H Testimonial

“Outstanding. Sean’s training included excellent info and management of delivery.  The live demonstrations were a generous way of teaching and exemplifying skills and application of theory” G.H

T.W. Testimonial

“I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Sean. His gentle presence, deep care, powerful empathy, grounded wisdom and practical strategies have helped me over and over again. I can’t recommend him highly enough as a counsellor!”  T.W.