“Parenting is on of the hardest and yet most rewarding experiences we can undertake in life.  The depth of the love I have felt for my children exceeds every other things I have thought important, and yet, sometimes it’s been so hard to know how to be the best dad I can be.”

Parent Mentoring

  • Supporting new, experienced and separated parents on their journey
  • Utilising contemporary parenting practices and research
  • Building competence, caring and connected parenting
  • Specialised support services for Dads

Deeply passionate about parenting and fatherhood, my parent mentoring programs provide parents with quality support in their own parenting journeys.   My hope is to build on existing parenting skills and a healthy family culture.

On my own parenting journey I have from time-to-time needed extra support.  It’s because I have really wanted to be the best dad I can be, knowing the important role parents play in our children’s whole of life journey: emotional wellness, mental health, resilience, relationship trust and coping behaviours.

My parental mentoring service offers a safe space for parents to master new skills and reshape old patterns that they are feeling impacts their children negatively.  Parent mentoring relies on key strategies from contemporary evidence based parenting programs like Tuning into Kids/Teens, Circle of Security, Parenting with Connection and STEP programs.

Sometimes, Parent Mentoring can include an opportunity for children/adolescents to attend a session and offer parents feedback around their family circumstances.  This is called a Child Consult and research has shown that can often provide an incredibly positive experiences for children and parents alike.

Generally, Parent Mentoring services are held over several sessions.  Sessions are often weaved within existing individual and couples sessions as parents will often want to work on their own personal or relationship growth concurrently to their parenting issues.

NB:  There are a number of important processes and procedure guiding the Parent Mentoring program that will always be forefront in protecting the right and wellbeing of children.  In particular, Child Consultations will only only occur after suitability is assessed and an agreement made with both parents.

Session Time Cost (per session) Attendance Booking
1 hour $165-$230 Face to Face or Zoom Online or Phone


Sessions can be booked online or by contacting me via phone or email. Sessions are either Face to Face or via Skype

Parent Mentoring Clinical Information Sheet

What clients say

S.R. Testimonial

“Sean, I really can’t thank you enough for the space you hold for me. I feel safe, I feel vulnerable, I feel challenged, I feel hopeful and most of all, I feel ready. You are a very special human being and I’m grateful for being guided towards you”. S.R

M.S. Testimonial

“I can highly recommend Sean, from my very first session I have felt met, held and supported. Every step of the way Sean has been with me with his kind presence and warm contact. He has challenged me at the right times and his compassionate curiosity have guided me deeper into a profound understanding of myself.  Many thanks Sean” M.S.

B.K. Testimonial

“Working with Sean has changed my life & my relationship. Sean is a highly skilled & intuitive therapist. His sensitivity creates a safe space, offering the opportunity for deep healing & transformation” B.K.

T.D. Testimonial

“I can’t recommend Sean enough, he’s compassionate & patient. If you’re committed to turning up & doing the work, then Sean’s your man” T.D.

KLD. Testimonial

“My sessions with Sean have offered me a sense of being deeply met in a safe environment. My capacity to experiment with new behaviours and choices has broadened, as has my ability to discover and action tools of support unique to me and my needs” KLD.

L.E testimonial

“Sean is an exceptional supervisor and his generosity, experience and experiential approach has supported me greatly to complete my counselling training and step into becoming a beginner therapist. Feels like a couldn’t have done it without you – so grateful.” L.E.

G.H Testimonial

“Outstanding. Sean’s training included excellent info and management of delivery.  The live demonstrations were a generous way of teaching and exemplifying skills and application of theory” G.H

T.W. Testimonial

“I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Sean. His gentle presence, deep care, powerful empathy, grounded wisdom and practical strategies have helped me over and over again. I can’t recommend him highly enough as a counsellor!”  T.W.