I was slightly bemused and slightly alarmed again this morning, hearing the predictions around the future of our world and the impact for children in areas of work, automation and robotics. Have any of you been following the stories? In this report, as in many others, one of the main predictions for one of these future services will be EQ – or as I heard it this morning – ‘human interaction’ skills.

And yet in every report I have heard the importance and focus is on the maths and science that our kids and our grandchildren will need. Beyond doubt an important and worthy skill set for any child from any generation. However, repeatedly, there is little or no emphasise on what support and teaching our children will need around ‘human interactions’. I imagine none of us need to ponder this too deeply to recognise this fundamental deficit in our post modern culture, something that continues to breach generations and demographics.

Quite simply put, the fundamental education of ourselves and our children on the function, skills and expansion of connected, nurturing and safe relationships. Without this we continues to create an appalling cost to our society in mistuned parenting, under fathering, schoolyard bullying, sexual abuse, misogyny, domestic violence, broken relationships and ultimately intergenerational trauma.

Our journey starts within ourselves and within our homes. If you haven’t already, lets start an EQ revolution… If not for ourselves, then for our children. At least some them might still have the opportunity to be employed if they don’t learn their math