“I believe that a successful organisations support individuals to have the types of workplace relationships which are open, connecting and safe. Inspiring teams to thrive and empowering them to be their best.”


  • Identifying workplace relationship competency and communication gaps
  • Tailored short or long term team building/cohesion programs
  • Providing follow-up support and mentoring when required
  • Reporting on training outcomes for Management

This service aims to support organisations through tailored training and workshop programs that meet the specific needs of teams in their development and cohesion. Fundamentally, my services help teams work more effectively and efficiently together while improving and strengthening the relationships between people. In doing so, promoting more synergy between organisational goals, positive culture and policy implementation.

My effective organisational programs, in addition to my specialised relationship services, rely on my experience over several years working in senior management, leading teams and projects around improved service outcomes. When necessary, I will work closely with stakeholders, management and staff to ensure that a tailored program is designed specifically to meet the needs of your teams. Programs can be designed to include short one-of team cohesion and relationship training events through to supporting organisational re-structures and change management processes.

Generally, this service requires an ongoing, collaborative consultation to commence, co-design and deliver. If you are interested in the development of a organisational program you will need to contact me via email or by phone.

What clients say

G.F Testimonial

“Sean’s depth of knowledge, authenticity, skill and energy left me feeling deeply inspired in my work with couples. An outstanding workshop” G.F.

L.O. Testimonial

“Sean’s experience, passion and knowledge gave me many practical and useable tools to take away. I so appreciated his comfortable and authentic presence” L.O.

M.T Testimonial

“Sean is passionate, and has great depth of knowledge. This compilation of material is both inspiring and foundational” M.T.

A.H Testimonial

“This workshop has given me many extra skills for my couples work. Sean’s gentle and attuned facilitation was outstanding and i left very inspired ” A.H.

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Webinar: Slicing Down: Deepening Emotional States in Couples Therapy

Date: September 12, 2024
Time: 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Venue: Online